Empower your tech team with the right talent, right now.

Facilitating staff recruitment so companies can focus on what they do best.
Pre vetted certified professionals that cost uo to 40% less than locally scourced talent.
Instant access to a global pool of talented engineers.

Powering the Success of Industry Leaders

Why Nuvalia

Empower Your Tech Team
Our Staff Augmentation solutions are tailored to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Experience Matters
With 8 years of experience navigating the LATAM, US & Canada markets, we bring invaluable expertise to the table.
Our built-in understanding of the unique talent landscape and best practices sets us apart.

No project is too big and no team is too small for us to handle. We cater to companies of all sizes across various technology domains. With Nuvalia, you can focus on innovation while we take care or recruitment.

Proven Process for Peace of Mind
We handle everything from sourcing and vetting to onboarding and performance management. Leave administrative processes to us and enjoy peace of mind knowing your staffing needs are in capable hands.

Find Your Perfect Match: Explore Our Pre-Vetted Talent Pool

Gain access to a curated database of talented resources, rigorously pre-vetted to meet your needs. Save time and money by skipping the resume pile and connecting with qualified candidates for your open positions.

•Streamlined search: Search by skills, experience, and other criteria to quickly identify top talent for your company.

Hire Skilled Developers from a Deep Talent Pool

Quickly fill specific gaps or build complete teams with pre-vetted professionals and diverse expertise.

Ideal for short-term needs, complex projects, finding niche skills, and a seamless integration with your core team.

Allows companies to focus on innovation, not recruitment and having the additional bonus of being cost efficient.

Shorten hiring timelines by up to 35% through our validated talent database.

Forget about stressing with payroll, benefits or HR, just pay the fixed monthly bill.


Nearshoring Benefits

Enhanced Flexibility and Agility

Better Coordination and Communication

Cultural and Language Proximity

Greater Efficiency

Time Zone Allignment

Reduced Costs

Ease of Management and Integration

Access to Wider Talent Pool

The Mexican & LATAM Talent

Lower Labor Cost

English Proficiency

Reduced Overhead

Similar mindset

Strong Technical Skills

Largely Untapped Talent Pool

Our Specialization

Tech Roles

Software Developers
Front End
Back End
Full Stack

QA Testers

Data Analysts & Scientists

UI/UX Designers

Customer Support Specialists

Main Languages

Software Specialization

How we do It


Staff Augmentation / Team Augmentation

  1. Selection of qualified candidates according to requirements
    1. Both internally and externally according to needs
  2. Security background check process
  3. Skill & Experience Assessment
  4. “Culture Fit” analysis
  5. Presentation of candidates
  6. Handling of legal, administrative and payroll
  7. Project status updates and detailed progress

Our Added Value


  • Exceeding legal requirements:
    • Social Security
    • Christmas Bonus
    • Vacation & Vacation Premiums
    • PTO

Necessary Tools

  • Everything needes to work remotely:
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Connectivity
    • Workspace


  • Self improvement plan
  • Allotted budget to continue trainir our resources
  • Competitive edge

Project Manager

  • A PM will accompany our resources to ensure delivery
  • Facility communication
  • Enhance project quality

Success Stories




Enable the end customer a Salesforce Customer Community to streamline and provide information about their credits from the contract signing.

Payment Simulator

View the history of contracts in the payment simulator “quoting tool” to estimate the payment amount based on the contract. Format virtual payment cards based on customer contracts. Issuance of documents (Statement of Account).

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